biggest addiction

Obesity is running rampant and while so many individuals are on the band wagon about getting people to quit smoking very little attention is paid to the food addictions that are plaguing the country.

As healthy and life sustaining as food is, it can also create a dilemma for those addicted to food. The daily routine of eating is sometimes the excuse to over eat or consume unhealthy foods considered to be comfort foods are very delicious but can have deadly ending. This spiral can spin out of control.

An addict must face their addiction every day and often times food can be hard to deal with because it is freely and openly displayed and sold, making it harder for an addict to make healthy food choices that does affect their weight. Food addictions can lead to other destructive and deadly behaviors such as bulimia and anorexia in addition to the thousands of obese persons. While some addictions are very evident, the others are cleverly disguised and often involve weight extremes.

Overall a food addiction can be a very serious issue as it can lead to deadly illnesses such as hypertension, diabetes, and high cholesterol. These problems can lead to heart disease, heart attack, stroke, and even death. Over eating and obesity are nothing to sneeze at and a food addiction is just as serious as one to drugs or alcohol, perhaps even more so because eating is such an important part of not only life but of our socialization. After all if you really like someone you will most likely break bread with them that is just the way in which our society works.

As silly as it might sound to put food in the same sentence as addiction, it is a very serious problem that has lasting and lingering health effects. It is really hard to put down and simply walk away something that occupies much of your thought process and focus. Addictions cause personal struggles that are not easily broken, even with professional help. Learning how to reprogram your eating habits are a good step in the right direction and even a lifestyle change and significant weight loss still doesn’t ensure that addiction battles won’t flare up from time to time making any addict vulnerable.

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