Drug addiction is basically a case of compulsive over dosage of certain drugs over a prolonged period of time.

It usually leads to severe complications, with most of the patients even giving up their lives. This article looks at how to treat drug addiction.

The drugs that cause addiction can be broadly classified into illegal ones and prescription or the over-the-counter ones. You would be glad to know that not everybody who end up using these drugs get addicted to them. It is only a few who succumb to their side effects.

Latest research from scientists around the world show that a drug addiction case is actually a complex result of a malfunctioning social system, coupled with the personal emotional, psychological and physical dysfunction in the patient itself.

In other words, scientists now think that although the drug abuse gets triggered by the physical and psychological needs of the patient itself, it gets aggravated by the wrong attitude and behavior shown by the friends and relatives.

Hence, the treatment of for drug addiction and abuse is not one of simple prognosis. As the onslaught of the condition varies from individual to individual, so does the diagnosis.

The treatment procedures, therefore, depend upon a number of factors. The drug type, amounts used, the duration of use, other medical complications if any and the social needs of the patient are the key factors considered when designing the rehab program.

Some other factors, which are of a more personal nature, such as the personality of the patient, the concept of spirituality and religion, mental or physical illnesses and the local availability and affordability are also considered when considering the right rehabilitation program.

The first step, however, is detoxification. The excessive amounts of the drug are removed from the patient’s blood. In this process, a patient is cleansed of all the impurities within his body. In cases of addiction to drugs such as alcohol, which require a prolonged exposure for getting addicted, mere abstinence is sufficient. However, in cases of cocaine or LSD, small amounts of the drug are continuously recommended and gradually decreased to build up physical resistance.

This is followed by an appropriate rehab, in the form of therapy, self-help groups and counseling. The right rehab helps fight the drug craving and thereby keeps the patient sober. It can only be designed by experts on an individual patient-to-patient basis.

As treatment for drug addiction is a very complex procedure, it is always advisable to approach a reputed institution for help. They would not only work towards ridding the patient of drug abuse but would also bring an entire change in their life style. Source: website To Treat Drug Addiction

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