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But you still need to practice them. That’s done uniquely by a process called DO IT. It’s the single biggest thing that helped me return to health and joy.

Everything is Energy

What if addiction literally sucks your life force energy, depletes you energetically? And, what if you can reclaim that energy by following a few simple energy action steps? They are presented below. These steps are simple but may sound confusing. What if you let go of any “addictive righteous indignation” and go for this energy change?

Energy Action Steps: (These steps are simple but may sound overwhelming. You can deal with them, individually, one at a time.)

1. Drink plenty of distilled water throughout the day. It pulls toxins from your body. (Alcohol and prescription or illegal drugs have helped put those toxins in your body.)

2. Find an acupuncture physician who uses needles or lasers to assist you in
reducing cravings and getting your body metabolism rebalanced. (Acupuncture has a clearly recorded history of about 2,000 years, but some authorities claim that it has been practiced in China for some 4,000 years.) And, we call it alternative?

3. Purchase a blood/urine test from companies like LifeExtension. These are typically not insurance reimbursed you need to take charge of your recovery and be accountable for the choices you make.)

6. Stop smoking cigarettes. They keep you in a smoke screen that prevents you the full, authentic experience of your feelings and emotions. (Your emotions are already messed up from your use.)

7. Discontinue drinking carbonated, popular sodas with high fructose corn syrup and brominated vegetable oils. How could the chemicals in these drinks possibly support your intestinal health when these very same drinks are used by your local police to clean up road kill and highway blood caused by deathly, gorey accidents?

8. Allow yourself to get extra sleep. Your body needs it to regain its health. Stop judging yourself as lazy – sleep is needed for healing & you’ve ignored your body’s needs for too long.

9. Lay off the caffeine in coffee. It gives you a false boost in energy and is also addictive. Why trade one addiction for another?

10. Pamper yourself. Learn to love and enjoy your body again. (When you were acting out your addiction, your preferred substance became your love relationship and therefore your body was neglected.) Take yourself on a vacation, buy something you really desire (something that does not harm your current finances), relax in a nice, hot tub, go to a spa, get a massage, prepare a gourmet meal for yourself or get one at a fabulous restaurant, and make love, with or without a partner – it’s about you & expressing the love that you truly are.

11. Clean up your food intake. Stay away from processed foods. Avoid those fast food, quick fix, chemically-laced (not nutritionally based) meals. Organic fruits and veggies will help to strengthen your weakened immune system and provide you with more strength and energy. If you choose to eat animal protein, select free-range chickens and local, farm raised beef, pigs and bison.

And What About Love?

Addiction is limitation. It blocks you from experiencing you as the great, infinite being you truly are. What if you choose to take this opportunity to open up to love? What is it in you that needs love – that is in pain – that is hurting? Will you love that part of you?

Love means no judgment. Judgment blocks love. Judgment is also fear. Could you stop judging addiction as right or wrong and simply accept it as an experience? And, would you also permit your new, empowered, recovered experiences to find you?

Being of the Heart

You have allowed yourself to be abused by your addiction and it most likely has left some emotional scars, perhaps some physical ones too. And those of you who are already judging those scars as bad and wrong, please stop it now – end the self-abuse. Find local and online (intherooms) support, support that validates you and your power, not that upholds your powerlessness.

Letting go of the old is necessary before the new can arrive. It can be scary and disconcerting. This process is called “faith” or “trust” and lives in the heart.

What if this article has offered you an opportunity to explore an avenue of re-connection to the authentic you, the creative, wonderful you, and your source, whatever that means to you? Wouldn’t that change everything?

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