Heroin is a very dangerous and addicting drug.

It is also has one of the highest incidences of drug-related deaths. Because of these things, the importance of overcoming an addiction to heroin is paramount. Even if a person doesn’t die from an overdose, their use of this drug will be extremely damaging to them personally. It can also quite possibly ruin their lives. It will without a doubt negatively impact the lives of those who love and care for him or her. The first step that often needs to be taken when an individual is attempting to get clean from heroin is enrolling into a heroin detox program. Heroin detox rehab must often be completed before a person is able to enter a rehab program. It can be extremely difficult to concentrate on the psychological aspects of addiction when an individual is physically addicted to a substance.

Heroin detox makes it possible for an individual to get rid of all traces of heroin in their system. The detoxification process is generally supervised to ensure that the addict is safe throughout it. Because heroin is physically addicting, the body will have withdrawals when a person stops using it. Therefore, during heroin detoxification very painful withdrawal symptoms are ubiquitous. Withdrawal symptoms start within 12 hours of not using and peak after two to four days. The symptoms include: nausea, anxiety, abdominal pain, chills, diarrhea, insomnia, sweating, sniffing, sneezing, weakness and irritability. Even though there have been improvements in medically supervised heroin detoxification procedures, patient discomfort and high dropout rates exist today. This has led to the growth of ultra-rapid, anesthesia-assisted opioid withdrawal techniques, which have been publicized as a fast, painless way to withdraw from opioid. Studies have also shown however, that the procedure can lead to risk of death, increased stress, delirium, psychosis, attempted suicide, abnormal heart rhythm and acute renal failure. These withdrawals are very uncomfortable and also very physically and mentally distressful. A supervised, reputable heroin detox program can help ease withdrawal symptoms and ensure the safety of the addict.

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