If you are going to use Suboxone during detox, you may want to know if you will have an addiction to it after detox.

Why it is used in Detox

Suboxone is an opiate, from the same drug family as Vicodin, Morphine and Oxycodone. It works on the central nervous system and partially blocks the opioid receptors which distinguish between pain and pleasure, creating a euphoric sensation.

Suboxone is used in detox for individuals who are quitting other opiates and alcohol. When it is taken, if the individual takes another opiate, Suboxone will prevent the other drug from taking effect. It literally blocks the drug from reaching the receptors. While it is a controlled substance, it has been very effective when used correctly in medical detox.

Becoming Addicted

When Suboxone is taken throughout the withdrawal process and then stopped, there is minimal, if any, withdrawal or side effects and an even smaller chance for addiction. Research has shown that the problems involving the drug use during detox lies in the individual not quitting once the detox process is complete.

Since Suboxone is a powerful opiate, it has the potential, when abused to become addictive. Individuals, who take it incorrectly such as frequently and in large amounts, discover that they need to increase the dose in order to achieve the same level of euphoria as before. It is not unusual for individuals who abuse Suboxone to need medical detox when they are ready to quit.

Symptoms of Addiction

The side effects and symptoms abuse can be physical and psychological and may include the following:

o Sweating
o Confusion
o Flu like symptoms
o Constipation/diarrhea
o Nausea/vomiting
o Respiratory problems
o Depression
o Insomnia

Avoiding Addiction

The best way to avoid becoming addicted to Suboxone is to only take it as long as you have withdrawal symptoms, but your doctor can tell you how long you need to take it. When you detox in an inpatient facility, you may or may not be given a prescription for a certain length of time and then you will no longer need it.

After Detox Rehab Programs

There are a number of rehab treatment programs to help you in your sobriety after detox including 12 steps programs and non-traditional programs. A rehab program will offer you a support network to help you in continued success.

An alternative to traditional rehab is a wellness center that uses yoga, acupuncture and meditation. These types of programs can offer strategies to keep you focused on staying healthy. While mind, body and spirit techniques work well for some individuals, they do not work for everyone.

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