Non-Prescription Canadian Pharmacy is over-the-counter-drugs readily available from any Canadian drug store.

But it is only that ensures your safety by double checking that these medicines are truly effective for you.

Simply put, Non Prescription Canadian Pharmacy is also called as over-the-counter drugs. This comprises medicines, which you can buy without showing any prescription from a registered medical practitioner. This is due to the fact that most pharmacies provide these medicines along with the self care information.

The services we offer in Non Prescription Canada Pharmacy are delivered to safeguard your health and your life with superior quality. So, we ensure that you do not compromise your health in any way by self-medicating even with these over-the-counter drugs. The role of a pharmacist is critical to ensure the relevance and quality of the products that you choose.

Suppose you have high blood pressure and you require a medicine for cough and cold. True enough, many websites offer Non Prescription Canadian Pharmacy services that will deliver exactly what you want without probing into anything else.

At, our highly experienced and fully licensed pharmacists guide you to choose what is best for your health. As our pharmacists are fully aware that cough and cold products can increase blood pressure, they will check its relevance, validity and quality before it is delivered to you. This means that we ensure that whatever medicine is finally delivered to you will not impact your condition of high blood pressure in an adverse manner.

All online Canadian drug stores are compulsorily required to be members of CIPA (Canadian Internet Pharmacy Association). At, we are members of CIPA and we also encourage all users to confirm the actual validity of these stores before proceeding to order any such prescription of the over- the- counter drug.

The wide range of products that we stock at our Non Prescription Canadian Pharmacy spans from simple cough and cold medicines, sleep aids, pain relief medicines, ear and eye care products to muscle relaxants, glucometers and reagent strips.

For any queries you may have on our Non Prescription Canadian Pharmacy services, call us right away!

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