One of the usual pain relievers that doctors prescribe is Vicodin.

From my personal experience, what I remember is when you are on Vicodin, you feel relaxed, calm and very patient; these are the psychological effects you need in order to heal from your operation, from your injury or current condition. Like all drugs, this drug too has side effects, some of them are the usual drowsiness, having difficulties in breathing, vomiting, loss of appetite, some variations of constipation or diarrhea and maybe even lack of energy.

As we all know, more and more people get addicted to various drugs. This drug is also on the top 10 list of addictions. You may wonder what kind of addictions I am talking about. Some people get physically addicted while some get psychologically addicted. Several weeks of continuous usage can make the chance of you getting addicted somewhat higher. I have also experienced these addictions and trust me, it is very powerful! There are times that it even exceeds my cravings for water! Despite more and more problems to your personal life, medical life and even career, you will find it shocking how you would like to increase the intake dosages of this drug. Indeed, it will eat your life up and swallow you!

Eventually, too much of this drug in your system can lead to an overdose. Of course everything too much in this world is too much. The over dose of this drug can lead you to serious conditions. If your body is week then the over dosage symptoms may vary from being unable to breathe properly, a large number of dizziness in a day, weakness, extreme tiredness and too much pain in your abdomen and the worst, severe respiratory depression which will lead to death. Acetaminophen can also be found in this drug which is also another culprit for liver damage which may eventually lead to failure of the liver organ.

The main reason why this drug is so addictive is because of hydrocodone which is one of the main components of this drug. Like heroin, the addiction symptoms of Vicodin are similar because these two drugs are both opioids.

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