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They are widely used as analgesics or pain killers. Along with the pain relief, they may give a feeling of euphoria and a degree of sedation. These are taken as side effects of drugs and make it popular as drugs of abuse. This article is helpful for those who are suffering from opioid addiction or dependence. Addiction of this chemical is found teenagers specially.

To prevent yourself from opioid addiction you must know their names:

* Codeine

* Fentanyl

* Opium

* Morphine

* Sufentanil

* Heroin

* Hydrocodone

* Hydromorphone

* Methadone

* Oxycodone

* Paregoric

* Tramadol

How do you know if you are addicted?

You may have opioid addiction, if you feel craving of the drug or if you do not control over the urge to take them. You may also develop an addiction if you keep using them without prescription.

What should I do if I’m addicted?

If you have opioid addiction don’t be scared, try to control on this craving. The following steps will help you in this regard:

1. Commit to quitting: Once you have decided to avoid this, you should control your behavior. Try hard to avoid the craving of alcohol.

2. Be active: Take part in parties, do exercise and participate in sports. These physical activities help you to reduce anxiety and make you fit.

3. Consult a doctor: If you see any severity in withdrawal symptoms, you may consult a doctor to help how to avoid opioid Addiction.

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